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Wartenberg wheel

Submitted by blogbdsm on Tue, 09/01/2015 - 10:23

Let’s start by saying that the original use for which it was revealed later invented this diabolical instrument, had nothing to do with BDSM, or Robert Wartenberg turns out to be one of his ardent practitioner. He was indeed a neurologist born to the 800 and its purpose was to measure the sensitivity to touch people with nervous system problems (there is also to say that for the original purpose is not used practically).

The wheel has a diameter of approximately 2mm, with sharp peaks which are so made as to rotate and give the sensation of pain more or less strong according to the person, by pressing more or less the sensations, however, change and apart on the head can be used anywhere in the body, in my opinion the best places in which to use and which causes a sensation of pain pleasure is the genitals and breasts, but the effect can vary from person to person.

In market there are two types of wheels: the normal surgical steel, and the economic, would not doubt that it was built with economy in bad material, and since it has to touch sensitive parts of a minimum of prudence is not bad.

You can buy the best sex shops, online and in stores medical advice where to buy it because I respect the sex shop you will save something.

I’ve heard, but I’ve never seen a wheel warternberg that can be connected to an electrical apparatus of the kind used to use bdsm: the sum of mechanical stimulation, electrical stimulation should be more deadly.

The wheel with the connector should cost around 50 euros, while the normal wheel around 25 euros.




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