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fifty shadey of Grey remain fifty shades of crap

Submitted by blogbdsm on Wed, 09/16/2015 - 14:35

More than anyone if after the release of two sequel fifty shades of grey and history from him, I changed my mind: the answer is no. I believe still holds the comment I wrote a few time ago and I propose again as such:


As many of you ask me to say, What I think of the literary succes of moment pseudo bdsm: the famous(unfortunately) shadey of grey. Before going into the details of the contents, I must day that is a book written really with feet in terms of the vocubalary used and the pure literary style by pyre bestseller from peanuts wich actually is. I am having said that I shall focus on one aspect, and I wolud like a question:why this book draws much and attracted especialy many female readers? Maybe it touched a raw nerve and perhaps read a book accepted by the pubblic and from the charts makes iteasier to deal with certain issues that you were afraid to approach? To you difficult answer.

Back to the romance in question, the story is boring and focused on the more sinister clichès. I skipped more than a dew pages without losing the thread of pseudo history and this says it all about the quality of the novel: he is rich and super cool, she is stupid and clumsy(but do not you tired of these banalities?).

The evolution of the characters is even worse, she from virgin become nymphomaniac who decides to give himself to bdsm, becouse she falls in love with the wrong man, he from caring suitor uses phrases that should appair as hard man(credibility to thousend). In the meantime to make us understand figure of romance does nothing. In end if this novel is served to bring people to bdsm well-being, the rest is a novel worthy of Harmony.

fifty shadey of grey